Houghton V.F.D.

The Houghton Volunteer Fire Department has a long and proud tradition of service to the hamlet of Houghton, the town of Caneadea, and neighboring communities in Allegany County, New York.  Some members of the department also served in New York City during the aftermath of 9-11.  We are dedicated to providing emergency services of many types to our neighbors in times of need.  To see us in action, check out our photo slideshow

Study Buddy Fundraiser

Our annual Study Buddy fundraiser delivers encouraging and nourishing boxes of goodies to college students just when they need them the most: during final exams.  Interested in sending an box to a student?  Read the Study Buddy order form for full details and take action by April 14.

Ready to order a Study Buddy for your special students(s)? You can either:

After you order, you can pay for your order by sending a check or using the donate button below:


Our tradition of service to this community has only been possible through the participation of many dedicated volunteers.  You could be the next member of our dedicated family!  We offer a variety of ways to be involved and a number of benefitsCurrently, our greatest need is more community members who are willing to serve as firefighters or EMTs. We also annually recruit college students to be EMTs.  Please consider carefully whether this could be an exciting and meaningful way that you could serve your community.

If you are interest but need more information, please let us know.  Other related links include:


We depend on the support of the public for all of our funding.  The vast majority of our operational budget comes from various fundraising activities, such as chicken BBQs and Study Buddy packs (see above) for college students.  We appreciate any support you can provide.