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The application form is a PDF document that you can download below.  It is a special multi-page form that you can fill in on your computer and then print out.  However, most recent browsers have a PDF preview feature that does not show all pages properly and does not allow filling out the form.  We strongly recommend that you download the PDF to your computer and then open it with a recent version of Adobe Acrobat. 

Important point to note to avoid a delay in processing your application:
  • Please make sure you fill out the Firefighter Physical Application page even if you are applying to be an EMT!
  • Please make sure to include a photocopy of your driver's license (if any) with the license CENTERED on the page.
  • Please make sure to include the $2 application fee.
  • Please do not use double-sided printing.  It will only cause more work for us and waste paper.  Print one-sided only.